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The NIVONA milk lance is the practical way to get the milk directly to the NIVONA. How? It's simple.

Technical Details

69 mm
280 mm
23 mm
0.07 kg

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NIVONA accessories: get even more out of it

The box for full cleanliness: With our CLEAN³BOX you get everything you need to clean your NIVONA in one box: PREMIUM liquid descaler, CreamClean milk system cleaner and our cleaning tablets.
€34.95* VAT included.
NICC 705 CreamCleaner 500 ml, packing unit: 20 units/box
For creamy and fresh milk foam, you need a clean milk system in your NIVONA. What cleaning with our CreamClean milk system cleaner guarantees you. Cleans effectively Dissolves and removes fat and protein deposits without leaving residuesGentle on materialsThe bottle is made of 100% recycled PET.
€13.95* VAT included.
NIRK 703 liquid descaler 500ml, packing unit: 20 units/box
Not only dissolves the limescale, but also binds it. The liquid descaler reliably removes limescale from the fully automatic machine during cleaning.Highly effective Dissolves limescale without leaving residuesGentle on materials and food-safe Use the CLARIS fresh water filter with your fully automatic coffee maker - this way you will have to descale your fully automatic coffee maker less often. Bottle made of 100% recycled PET.
€13.95* VAT included.
NIRT 701 cleaning tablets packing unit: 20 units/box
Ensure the full aroma for fresh coffee enjoyment - by keeping your NIVONA always nice and clean. Simply with our cleaning tablets.
€13.95* VAT included.

What our customers say

“A really brilliant machine, and the customer service is even better. Totally friendly, super-fast processing, and very accommodating. We are so happy, we would like to give even more stars. The absolute best!”

Katharina via Google

What our customers say

“One call to NIVONA and a new water tank was delivered to us the next day. What a friendly, straightforward, fast and perfect service! Thank you, NIVONA.”

Frank via Facebook

What our customers say

“When my little Nivona came home, I started talking to it straight away, and it told me it had been lovingly and carefully examined by the specialist team in Franconia, and then completely painlessly, gently and carefully put back together into my old little Nivona.”

Andreas via Mail