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Reliable pick-me-up seeks new job

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The NIVONA-Range

Coffee. Just better.

The pleasure is what counts

Become part of a big family. If you have a NIVONA, you're one of us. To us, coffee is more than just a drink. It stands for passion and socialising, peace and quiet, and home. Coffee brings people together and transcends borders.

Everything at a glance

You like it clearly arranged? Then here is our complete feature list from our catalogue for you - with every detail, with all the technical data of all our current models.

Coffee like from no other fully automatic coffee machine

Tastes are different and there is no accounting for taste. That's why your NIVONA doesn't just make any coffee, it makes your coffee. Thanks to our aroma technology.

Enjoy the world of coffee

From mild to full intensity: coffee has over 800 aromas that can be awakened in every bean. Coffee is more than just a drink. It is an invitation, a moment of tranquillity and a cultural asset.

NIVONA coffee

Caffè Arezzo

NIVONA coffee

Espresso Milano

NIVONA coffee

Espresso Torino

What makes us special

Nobody needed NIVONA. And yet we are still here. Why? Because we are different from the competition. But not only that. We are the likeable alternative. We are open. Friendly. Enthusiastic about coffee

Always stay clean!

Are you looking for the right care for your NIVONA? Or beans that are still worthwhile? You will find all that in our range of accessories.

We are here for you. And for your NIVONA.

Your taste is our focus. And that includes a reliable fully automatic coffee machine. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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