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We're all running smoothly at work - just not when it comes to coffee? Our NICR 1040 eliminates this performance deficit. Thanks to easy operation and cleaning as well as an extra-large bean hopper and water tank. Optimally designed for the office. Add to this our new milk hose for convenient cleaning with easyclean+ (included in the scope of delivery, of course) and the quantity function for when meetings take longer. In addition, the quick profile quickly delivers a lot of coffee at the touch of a button. Everything for enjoyable working hours.


Bean sensor
Removable water tank (volume)
3.5 liters
Size of the bean container
For approx. 600 grams of coffee beans


Adjustable coffee strength
In 5 stages
Adjustable coffee temperature
In 3 stages
Aroma Balance System
Cappuccino connoisseur
Grinding degree


"My coffee" recipes can be saved
18 memory locations
2-cup function for cappuccino and co.
2-cup function for espresso/coffee
Hot water function for tea
For three temperatures
Live programming
Quantity function
Quick profile
Rear rollers
SPUMATORE (for cappuccino and co.)
It all depends on the milk foam
It all depends on the milk foam
You can get milk froth with any NIVONA - it's just a question of: how often do you drink cappuccino? With the manual SPUMATORE you can make creamy milk froth, but not at the touch of a button. This is only possible with all OneTouch modules of the SPUMATORE from the 7 series.
OneTouch Duo


CLARIS fresh water filter
easyclean+ and double milk tube


ECO mode
Max. Power consumption
2700 Watt
Pump pressure
Up to 15 bar
TFT touch color display

Technical Details

300 mm
420 mm
480 mm
13.4 kg

16 coffee variations with the 10-series





Caffè Latte

Latte Macchiato

“My coffee” storage spaces

Store up to 18 own recipes

Warm milk/milk froth

Hot water

Taste the difference. With your local retailer.

Additional qualifications for the NICR 10'40

NIZB 410 Bean container
Increases the bean hopper of our NICR 1040 model to a capacity of one kilo. Thanks to particularly easy assembly. Container height: 4 cm Lid still closes optimally
€39.95* VAT included.
NICO 100 Cooler, packing unit: 2 units/box
Optimally cooled at any temperature. Our NICO 100 milk fridge keeps the milk fresh for cappuccino and other lattes. Fits all NIVONA fully automatic coffee machines. Especially practical where a lot of cappuccino is drunk. Simply put the milk carton in our milk fridge and the cooling is ready.
€179.95* VAT included.
NIML 220 milk lance
The NIVONA milk lance is the practical way to get the milk directly to the NIVONA. How? It's simple.
€21.95* VAT included.
NIRF 700 Claris water filter cartridge, packing unit: 20 units/box
Your NIVONA filters your water at the same time – thanks to the CLARIS freshwater filter. For optimum water quality and a long service life for your NIVONA.• Reduces limescale• Removes chlorine odour and taste• Filters out pollutants, especially metals, heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, pesticides and herbicides• Consists of purely organic material without chemical additives• You don’t have to descale your fully automatic coffee machine as often• Filter capacity: 50 l / max. 2 months
€13.95* VAT included.
Details on the NICR 1040

“Finally: a well-designed device for the office. The machine will equally satisfy both the discerning connoisseur and the straightforward chap who simply wants a half-decent coffee or cappuccino without having to stop and mess about with the machine.”

Arne Preuß |

What our customers say

“One call to NIVONA and a new water tank was delivered to us the next day. What a friendly, straightforward, fast and perfect service! Thank you, NIVONA.”

Frank via Facebook

What our customers say

“A really brilliant machine, and the customer service is even better. Totally friendly, super-fast processing, and very accommodating. We are so happy, we would like to give even more stars. The absolute best!”

Katharina via Google

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Enjoyment at the touch of a button - even for cappuccino and latte macchiato. With the 7-series, you get absolute convenience in your kitchen. Because with the OneTouch function, cappuccino and co. can be obtained quickly and easily. In addition, the live programming function allows you to store your favourite recipe directly in the fully automatic coffee maker. With the cappuccino connoisseur, you can also adjust the order of milk and coffee in the cappuccino. So that everything is just the way you like it. And with the NICR 799 wiht stainless steel front.
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NICR 820 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
When you think of Italy, you think of unique cappuccino. That's the feeling we want to bring home to you. And with the NICR 820, you can share this feeling with your loved ones at the touch of a button: Because the 8-series is the entry into the Onetouch double-dose cappuccino and latte macchiato. And the milk system is quick and easy to clean. Everything you need to bring that holiday feeling into your living room.
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NICR 930 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
Timelessness is not often found these days - but here you get design and elegance on top: Our NICR 930 brings the essence of the 9 series into your kitchen in an aesthetic appearance. More enjoyment and more convenience: coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato at the touch of a button - even for two cups at the same time if desired. Plus the aroma technology of the Aroma Balance System and the Cappuccino Connoisseur. Seductive elegance at every moment.
€1,349.00* VAT included.
NICR 970 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
Everything inside and in titanium! The NICR 970 combines high-quality design with unique technology. Thanks to the particularly large 5'' touch display and the innovative NIVONA operating concept. Including Aroma Pre-Select on this model and the NICR 960 - so you can directly transfer our barista's recommended settings for all NIVONA coffee types via the NIVONA app. With the Aroma technology features, you can also determine the brewing process or get even more out of your cappuccino.
€1,549.00* VAT included.