NIVONA coffee machine

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NICG 130 CafeGrano grinder - packing unit: 2 pieces/box
Particularly precious roasts deserve the right grind. And sometimes there is simply no fully automatic coffee machine nearby. That's when our CafeGrano comes to the rescue. Whether for the small espresso maker or for hand brewing: with our coffee grinder you will find the right setting and get the best out of every bean.
NICO 100 Cooler, packing unit: 2 units/box
Optimally cooled at any temperature. Our NICO 100 milk fridge keeps the milk fresh for cappuccino and other lattes. Fits all NIVONA fully automatic coffee machines. Especially practical where a lot of cappuccino is drunk. Simply put the milk carton in our milk fridge and the cooling is ready.
NIMA 330 3-piece-set milk-hose, packing unit: 20 units/box
Clean hose for perfect milk foam and in a practical 3-pack: NIMA 330 is our milk hose set. So you always have a replacement for your milk hose to hand. Because this is the only way to make cappuccino and latte macchiato a success.Replacement hoses incl. connection nozzles for all NIVONA models with OneTouch-SPUMATORE Pack of 3
NIMC 1000 milk container, packing unit: 3 units/box
Although it does not have its own cooling system, it is perfect for storing in the fridge or dishwasher: our NIMC 1000 milk container is the perfect way to store milk and is also an eye-catcher next to your NIVONA.Fresh milk perfectly storedMade of transparent plasticShows the milk level at a glanceCapacity: 1 l - For models with cappuccino function SPUMATORE
NIML 220 milk lance
The NIVONA milk lance is the practical way to get the milk directly to the NIVONA. How? It's simple.
NIZB 410 Bean container
Increases the bean hopper of our NICR 1040 model to a capacity of one kilo. Thanks to particularly easy assembly. Container height: 4 cm Lid still closes optimally