Loyalty to specialist retailers

Exclusivity and seriousness

NIVONA is only available where good advice is given. So in the specialised trade. Why is that so? 15 years ago we started with the vision of selling coffee machines exclusively through specialist retailers. We are firmly convinced that coffee lovers can only be supported individually and professionally enough when buying a fully automatic coffee machine in a specialised trade.

This is about a member of your household from whom you expect top performance every day. And you can expect it too! To achieve this, however, it is necessary to compare your personal needs and wishes with the features of different models when you buy. This is why we attach great importance to personal and honest advice.

Straightforward and close

Everyone benefits from the exclusivity of the specialist trade. Satisfied customers are the most important thing for every specialist dealer who cares about his customers. The consultant in the specialist trade is our mouthpiece, our ambassador, to the user. An integral part of the NIVONA coffee culture.
After all, at a specialist retailer, you don't just get information, but personal and individual advice and, most importantly, a real coffee from a potential new family member.
And if there is something wrong with it, you have a direct point of contact with the trade. Looking for a dealer near you? This way!

For all those who care about good coffee

A system in which everyone wins. The user benefits from high competence and direct service. The trade enjoys an exclusive and secure position and is given the best possible advice. And we also enjoy this constellation because we know that our fully automatic coffee machines are in the right hands - both at the retailer and at the coffee lover's home.

Highest quality in all aspects

Relationships live on constancy. For us, this also and especially includes consistent quality. For us at NIVONA, the focus from the very beginning was on absolute customer satisfaction and maximum quality. Accordingly, so has our clear commitment to the specialist trade. This is what all of our - now over 50 - employees stand for! We are all great coffee lovers and bring our passion to the table.
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