Inspired by baristas. Made for your moment.

Discover our classic – regularly upgraded but always with the essence of one of our most popular series. The 8-series stands out for its straightforward operation and design, for example with the stainless steel NICR 825.

The series for cappuccino lovers

The 8-series is made for anyone who loves cappuccino. Germany’s most popular white coffee recipe is available here not only at the touch of a button but also for two cups at once, to enjoy with your nearest and dearest. 

Ten times the space for your favourite coffee

Using the “My Coffee” function, you can save up to ten recipes of your own with these models. This makes it easy to programme espresso macchiato or other popular recipes, or even to save your favourite coffee with the settings you want.

An easy second cappuccino: the 8-series

NICR 820 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
When you think of Italy, you think of unique cappuccino. That's the feeling we want to bring home to you. And with the NICR 820, you can share this feeling with your loved ones at the touch of a button: Because the 8-series is the entry into the Onetouch double-dose cappuccino and latte macchiato. And the milk system is quick and easy to clean. Everything you need to bring that holiday feeling into your living room.
NICR 823 fully automatic coffee machine CafeRomatica
Rundum in Titan - mit allen bekannten Features der 8er-Serie. Und einer besonderen Aktion! Mit der NICR 823 feiert NIVONA den millionsten NIVONA-Vollautomaten. Eine Maschine, die von allen Seiten ein einzigartiges Design in Titan mitbringt. Und mit mehr Garantie: Zusätzlich zu den bereits gewährten zwei Jahren Garantie schenken wir weitere drei Jahre Garantie nach dem Kauf bei einem autorisierten NIVONA-Händler in Deutschland und anschließender Online-Registrierung. Sie haben ein NICR 823 gekauft? Dann registrieren Sie sich gleich hier für mehr Garantie. Achtung! Aktion läuft nur bis zum 31.12.2023
NICR 825 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
Who wouldn't want to enjoy a good cappuccino in company? Just relax and taste unique milk foam. With our 8-series, you can get cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button, even for two cups. With the aroma features, you get even more out of your favourite coffee beans. Simple and intuitive. As if there were a little barista in the machine working for you. And with the NICR 825 with stainless steel front.

Product highlights in the 8-series

Two cappuccinos at the touch of one button

Because coffee is more than a drink: it is invariably an invitation to chat and spend time together. From the 8-series, you can get cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button, easily and conveniently, and thanks to the SPUMATORE DUOplus, in exceptionally creamy quality. Incidentally: you can of course also use alternatives to cows’ milk, such as oat milk. Just make sure that you have the respective barista edition.

As you like it

The Cappuccino Connoisseur gives you the choice: milk first? Or coffee in the cup first for a cappuccino? The Italian barista starts with the coffee, of course, so that the milk can wrap around the coffee when it is poured. But this feature of our flavour technology allows you to adjust it entirely to your taste.

Simple as a matter of principle

To enjoy cappuccino, the milk system must always be clean. Since NIVONA started, our claim has been: cleaning must be as thorough as necessary and as easy as possible. Even without operating instructions, your NIVONA guides you through cleaning and shows on the display what to do – simple as a matter of principle.

Already special in the standard model

All NIVONA fully automatic coffee machines have the following functions - and many more.

Adjustable coffee quantity (approx. 20 ml – 240 ml)

Want to set your favourite coffee? No problem with a NIVONA machine! Moreover, all ranges allow you to adjust the coffee quantity, from the smallest cup of espresso to the large comfort mug of cappuccino.

Removable brewing unit

With a quick grab, you can remove the brewing unit and clean it under cold water. Then simply dry the brewing unit overnight on a tea towel. Done! It couldn’t be cleaner.

ECO mode/0-watt mode

Highly energy-efficient: ECO mode switches on when the NIVONA is not in use and reduces the temperature of the thermoblock. This means the machine uses less electricity. You can also set your NIVONA to switch itself off after a certain time, so stops using any electricity at all.

Automatic maintenance programmes for descaling and cleaning

Our claim: everything as simple as possible. This also includes descaling and cleaning your NIVONA. The automatic maintenance programmes conveniently guide you through the processes, so that you gain a perfectly clean NIVONA with minimum effort.

Adjustable grind size

The grind size has an impact on the flavour of the coffee. With NIVONA, a controller allows you to adjust the grind size to suit the respective coffee beans. If the coffee beans are darker, set a coarser grind size on your NIVONA; if the coffee beans are lighter, set it to be finer. Caution: adjust the grind size only during grinding!

High-quality hardened steel conical grinder

NIVONA machines stand out for the exceptional quality of their components, such as in the high-quality conical grinder: the hardened steel ensures reliable grinding for all types of coffee bean.

15-bar pump pressure

We can let you in on a secret: 15-bar pump pressure is the maximum pressure. All NIVONA machines can achieve this. But what you need isn’t the highest pressure: you need the right pressure to brew the respective coffee recipe. (A good espresso needs a significantly lower pressure than 15 bar.) All machines from NIVONA can do this.

Two cups of coffee or espresso at once

Coffee is more than just a drink: it is invariably also an invitation to chat and spend time together, which is why every NIVONA can make two cups of coffee or espresso at once.

12 coffee variations with the 8-series





Latte Macchiato

Warm milk/milk froth

Hot water

„My Coffee“ storage Spaces

NICR 825  10
NICR 820  10

Taste the difference. With your local retailer.

What our customers say 

„Ein wirklich spitzenmäßiges Gerät und noch besser ist der Kundenservice. Absolut freundlich, eine super schnelle Abwicklung und sehr entgegenkommend. Wir sind so zufrieden, würden gerne noch mehr Sterne geben. Absolut top!“

Katharina via Google

What our customers say 

„When my little Nivona came home, I started talking to it straight away, and it told me it had been lovingly and carefully examined by the specialist team in Franconia, and then completely painlessly, gently and carefully put back together into my old little Nivona.” Andreas via e-mail

What our customers say 

„One call to NIVONA and a new water tank was delivered to us the next day. What a friendly, straightforward, fast and perfect service! Thank you, NIVONA.“

Frank via Facebook

More coffee indulgence?

Discover our complete range - with just the right fully automatic coffee machines for every taste. Just looking for a fully automatic machine that makes coffee? No problem. Or would you prefer a cappuccino now and then? We have that too. Feel free to take a look around and use our product comparison to find your next favorite fully automatic coffee machine.

NICR 560 Cafe Romatica fully automatic espresso machine
Your entry into the NIVONA world - with freshly ground coffee every morning. Now with TFT colour display and the NIVONA operating concept. Simply self-explanatory. The stored recipes can now be individualised. With the manual SPUMATORE, milk foam can also be dispensed if you want more than just coffee and espresso. The automatic cleaning programmes round off the models in the 5 series. 
NICR 799 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
Enjoyment at the touch of a button - even for cappuccino and latte macchiato. With the 7-series, you get absolute convenience in your kitchen. Because with the OneTouch function, cappuccino and co. can be obtained quickly and easily. In addition, the live programming function allows you to store your favourite recipe directly in the fully automatic coffee maker. With the cappuccino connoisseur, you can also adjust the order of milk and coffee in the cappuccino. So that everything is just the way you like it. And with the NICR 799 wiht stainless steel front.
NICR 930 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
Timelessness is not often found these days - but here you get design and elegance on top: Our NICR 930 brings the essence of the 9 series into your kitchen in an aesthetic appearance. More enjoyment and more convenience: coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato at the touch of a button - even for two cups at the same time if desired. Plus the aroma technology of the Aroma Balance System and the Cappuccino Connoisseur. Seductive elegance at every moment.
NICR 970 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
Everything inside and in titanium! The NICR 970 combines high-quality design with unique technology. Thanks to the particularly large 5'' touch display and the innovative NIVONA operating concept. Including Aroma Pre-Select on this model and the NICR 960 - so you can directly transfer our barista's recommended settings for all NIVONA coffee types via the NIVONA app. With the Aroma technology features, you can also determine the brewing process or get even more out of your cappuccino.

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