Care, descaling and cleaning

The automatic programs for cleanliness are now working inside our two new 5-series models. In addition, the descaling process runs particularly quickly in the entry-level price range.

The new 5 Series: Now with a TFT display

The NICR 550 and NICR 560 make your life easier. With coffee and espresso at the push of a button. Thanks to the well-known intuitive NIVONA operating concept. Also for two cups at the same time.

In case it may be milk froth

 The manual SPUMATORE of the 5 series is ready for milk froth. With simple operation, a cappuccino is also possible.

Great service from an early age: the 5 series

NICR 550 Cafe Romatica fully automatic espresso machine
Make your morning easier - and the rest of the day too: You get wonderfully aromatic and freshly ground coffee with the models in our 5 series. Now with a new display and new operation. For convenient coffee enjoyment the way you like it. And you can get two cups of coffee or espresso at the same time. Our small models are more than just an affordable option. They are the entry into the diversity of coffee.
NICR 560 Cafe Romatica fully automatic espresso machine
Your entry into the NIVONA world - with freshly ground coffee every morning. Now with TFT colour display and the NIVONA operating concept. Simply self-explanatory. The stored recipes can now be individualised. With the manual SPUMATORE, milk foam can also be dispensed if you want more than just coffee and espresso. The automatic cleaning programmes round off the models in the 5 series. 

Product highlights of the 5 series

Intuitive and easy

The new models of the 5 series now come with a TFT display. So that you always have a clear view when making coffee. You can operate, descale and clean NIVONA fully automatic coffee machines so quickly. In general, descaling: We were able to optimize the process again, so that the new 5 Series is much faster than the previous models. Everything in the intuitive NIVONA operating concept.

Coffee, the way you love it

Fully automatic coffee machines offer a variety of settings. Every coffee drinker likes it differently. Which is why the recipes can be individualized with NIVONA fully automatic coffee machines. With the two models in the 5 series, you can make espresso, coffee, milk froth and hot water according to your wishes. The amount and temperature of the coffee can be easily adjusted. So you can fill your favorite cup to the brim.

For cappuccino among friends

You can't do without a cappuccino today. Cappuccino remains the most popular way to enjoy coffee with milk. Sometimes visitors would like to enjoy it. Which is why the two 5-series models have a manual EASY SPUMATORE. This is how milk froth can be obtained for a cappuccino - and for all other coffee recipes with milk froth. For long afternoons with entertaining conversations among friends. 

What all NIVONA fully automatic coffee machines can do

In the standard already special

Removable brewing unitt

With a quick grip you can remove the brewing unit and clean it under cold water. Then simply dry the brewing unit on a kitchen towel overnight - done. It couldn't be cleaner.

Degree of grinding adjustable

The degree of grinding affects the taste of the coffee. Thanks to a controller, you can adjust the degree of grinding to the respective coffee beans with NIVONA. If the coffee beans are rather dark, set the grind level on your NIVONA to a coarser one. If the coffee beans are lighter, then finer. Attention: Adjust the degree of grinding only during the grinding process!

Two cups of coffee or espresso at the same time

Coffee is more than a drink - it is also always an invitation to talk and be together. Which is why each NIVONA can make two cups of coffee or espresso at the same time.

Adjustable amount of coffee (approx. 20 ml - 240 ml)

Set favorite coffee? No problem with NIVONA fully automatic machines. The amount of coffee can also be adjusted in all series. For the smallest espresso cup to the large cappuccino feel-good mug.

ECO mode/0 watt mode

Especially energy-saving: The ECO mode switches on when the NIVONA is not in use and reduces the temperature of the thermoblock. The fully automatic machine uses less electricity. You can also set your NIVONA to switch itself off after a certain period of time so that it no longer consumes any electricity.

15 bar pump pressure

We'll tell you a secret: 15 bar pump pressure is the maximum pressure. All NIVONA fully automatic machines can do this. You just don't need the highest, but the right pressure for the respective coffee recipes when brewing. (A good espresso is produced at significantly less pressure than 15 bar.) All fully automatic machines from NIVONA achieve this.

High-quality hardened steel conical grinder

The NIVONA fully automatic machines are characterized by the particularly high quality of their components. For example with the high-quality conical grinder. The hardened steel ensures reliable grinding for every type of coffee bean.

Automatic care programs for descaling and cleaning

Our claim: Everything as simple as possible. This also includes descaling and cleaning your NIVONA. The automatic maintenance programs guide you comfortably through the processes. And with as little effort as possible, you get an optimally cleaned NIVONA.

4 coffee variations with the 5 series


Small, black and strong - on request also for two cups at the same time


The classic - and of course feasible for two cups at the same time

milk froth

If you want a cappuccino - thanks to the manual SPUMATORE

Hot water

Ideal for tea drinkers and easy to obtain for all varieties

Taste the difference. At your local dealer.

Your favorite coffee from a whole new perspective

Coffee is more than a drink. He brings people together. For an entertaining breakfast, for late nights, for relaxed afternoons. Simply because we need other people. And what would be better than a coffee? NIVONA fully automatic coffee machines reliably bring pleasure like from the barista into your own four walls. Whether it's your first apartment or a terraced house: NIVONA coffee machines create such special coffee moments in all these places. Pleasure meets quality meets passion. And we also have a suitable model in our range for you. Promised.

NICR 695 Cafe Romatica fully automatic espresso machine
The one with the special twist: With our 6-series, you get the introduction to our aroma technology at home. Thanks to the Aroma Balance System, you can directly influence the brewing process. Both models also come with the manual EASY SPUMATORE in the spout. For unique milk foam. Quick and easy to clean by turning the knob. The NICR 695 also comes with the classic design in titanium.
NICR 796 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
Black on white: Our NICR 796 combines clear design and is thus an eye-catcher in every kitchen. And like all models in the 7 series, it also makes cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button. For special moments of enjoyment. And to ensure that there are many of these moments, cleaning the milk system is convenient and easy. Bring the pleasure of Italy into your home.
NICR 825 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
Who wouldn't want to enjoy a good cappuccino in company? Just relax and taste unique milk foam. With our 8-series, you can get cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button, even for two cups. With the aroma features, you get even more out of your favourite coffee beans. Simple and intuitive. As if there were a little barista in the machine working for you. And with the NICR 825 with stainless steel front.
NICR 960 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
All the comfort you could wish for: With our 9 series, you get high-quality fully automatic coffee machines for your kitchen that leave nothing to be desired. In addition to the particularly large 5'' touch display and the innovative NIVONA operating concept, the NICR 970 and NICR 960 also bring Aroma Pre-Select to your kitchen. With the NIVONA app, you can directly transfer the optimal settings for the NIVONA coffee varieties. Created and recommended by our barista. In addition, you can get the best out of every coffee bean with all the features of the Aroma technology.

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