About us

NIVONA is is different. we are the loveable alternative – open, friendly, enthusiastic about coffee. Available only from specialist retailers. An exceptional business model in hectic times.

“According to some predictions, we could have shut up shop again straight away on the first day,” Peter Wildner says. And the 56-year-old should know. Not only is he the current Managing Director of NIVONA; he was also one of the founders of the brand. The stated aim: to be a specialist in coffee machines for specialist retail.At the moment, it could hardly been in a better position: there are currently over 50 staff in an area of just 2000 square metres in the Südwestpark area of Nuremberg – and there are a further 14 colleagues working in the field. So nobody will be shutting NIVONA any time soon, which is also down to our own expectations.

No coffee machine can replace the skill of an excellent barista, but it can contain the knowledge of an excellent barista. This is why, in the development, we work closely with coffee experts to gain additional feedback from the field. And, for example, this is how our Aroma Balance System was created.

“Our machines should make the best coffee as easily as possible,” Managing Director Peter Wildner says. That is a firm part of our philosophy.

Not only should it be straightforward to get cappuccino & co. from the machine; cleaning the machine should also be self-explanatory. Moreover, all customers can remove the brewing unit from their NIVONA and clean it for themselves. We also want to keep the methods and processes as simple as possible, despite having a structure with many different retailers and a broad range of requirements.

From the outset, NIVONA regarded itself as a brand for the specialist retailer.  Our machines are available both from roasters and from specialist electrical retailers. “We want to sell where they know about coffee.”

We are now trusted by over 2500 retailers: because our coffee machines are convincing, because our concept is convincing, because NIVONA is catching on. After 15 years, we have become established as the loveable alternative. Because the key element is what matters: the highest possible quality in coffee pleasure.

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Discover Your NIVONA

We want to offer the right machine for every coffee lover. Our focus: coffee pleasure. Features to get the best out of every bean. Currently in six series. The right model is already waiting for you. Discover the NIVONA range now.

NICR 799 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
Enjoyment at the touch of a button - even for cappuccino and latte macchiato. With the 7-series, you get absolute convenience in your kitchen. Because with the OneTouch function, cappuccino and co. can be obtained quickly and easily. In addition, the live programming function allows you to store your favourite recipe directly in the fully automatic coffee maker. With the cappuccino connoisseur, you can also adjust the order of milk and coffee in the cappuccino. So that everything is just the way you like it. And with the NICR 799 wiht stainless steel front.
NICR 820 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
When you think of Italy, you think of unique cappuccino. That's the feeling we want to bring home to you. And with the NICR 820, you can share this feeling with your loved ones at the touch of a button: Because the 8-series is the entry into the Onetouch double-dose cappuccino and latte macchiato. And the milk system is quick and easy to clean. Everything you need to bring that holiday feeling into your living room.
NICR 970 CafeRomatica fully automatic espresso machine
Everything inside and in titanium! The NICR 970 combines high-quality design with unique technology. Thanks to the particularly large 5'' touch display and the innovative NIVONA operating concept. Including Aroma Pre-Select on this model and the NICR 960 - so you can directly transfer our barista's recommended settings for all NIVONA coffee types via the NIVONA app. With the Aroma technology features, you can also determine the brewing process or get even more out of your cappuccino.