The new way to make coffee: The CUBE 4'

Has it clicked yet? The CUBE 4' is the coffee machine for everyone who is interested in the bean. Compact and simple thanks to the innovative Click Cup. For a new kind of coffee enjoyment.

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Future today. Standard tomorrow. Our new 8000s

New design and new RomaticaPlus brewing unit for even more efficiency, even more cleanliness and even more coffee enjoyment: the 8000 combines the essence of fully automatic machine technology.

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Simply get more out of coffee

Take your enjoyment to a new level with NIVONA accessories. Whether coffee beans for a special taste experience, our Grano for freshly ground coffee for the powder compartment or the perfect cleaning products - you'll find everything you need here.

All about NIVONA Accessories

Why choose a coffee machine from NIVONA?

Discover the NIVONA range

Already special in the standard model.

All NIVONA fully automatic coffee machines have the following functions - and many more.

Removable brewing unitt

With a quick grab, you can remove the brewing unit and clean it under cold water. Then simply dry the brewing unit overnight on a tea towel. Done! It couldn’t be cleaner.

Adjustable grind size

The grind size has an impact on the flavour of the coffee. With NIVONA, a controller allows you to adjust the grind size to suit the respective coffee beans. If the coffee beans are darker, set a coarser grind size on your NIVONA; if the coffee beans are lighter, set it to be finer. Caution: adjust the grind size only during grinding!

Two cups of coffee or espresso at once

Coffee is more than just a drink: it is invariably also an invitation to chat and spend time together, which is why every NIVONA can make two cups of coffee or espresso at once.

Adjustable coffee quantity (approx. 20 ml – 240 ml)

Want to set your favourite coffee? No problem with a NIVONA machine! Moreover, all ranges allow you to adjust the coffee quantity, from the smallest cup of espresso to the large comfort mug of cappuccino.

ECO mode/0-watt mode

Highly energy-efficient: ECO mode switches on when the NIVONA is not in use and reduces the temperature of the thermoblock. This means the machine uses less electricity. You can also set your NIVONA to switch itself off after a certain time, so stops using any electricity at all.

15-bar pump pressure

We can let you in on a secret: 15-bar pump pressure is the maximum pressure. All NIVONA machines can achieve this. But what you need isn’t the highest pressure: you need the right pressure to brew the respective coffee recipe. (A good espresso needs a significantly lower pressure than 15 bar.) All machines from NIVONA can do this.

High-quality hardened steel conical grinder

NIVONA machines stand out for the exceptional quality of their components, such as in the high-quality conical grinder: the hardened steel ensures reliable grinding for all types of coffee bean.

Automatic maintenance programmes for descaling and cleaning

Our claim: everything as simple as possible. This also includes descaling and cleaning your NIVONA. The automatic maintenance programmes conveniently guide you through the processes, so that you gain a perfectly clean NIVONA with minimum effort.

The NIVONA brand

Because we are different from our rivals. But that is not all: we are the loveable alternative – open, friendly, enthusiastic about coffee.

What makes us special

Coffee machines from NIVONA are recommended by friends, experts and baristas all over Germany. Why? Because we are different. Focused on coffee pleasure, thoughtful when it comes to the quality of our coffee machines, specialists in our field, with a clear concept.

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What our customers say  

„A really brilliant machine, and the customer service is even better. Totally friendly, super-fast processing, and very accommodating. We are so happy, we would like to give even more stars. The absolute best!”

Katharina via Google

What our customers say 

„One call to NIVONA and a new water tank was delivered to us the next day. What a friendly, straightforward, fast and perfect service! Thank you, NIVONA.“

Frank via Facebook

What our customers say 

„When my little Nivona came home, I started talking to it straight away, and it told me it had been lovingly and carefully examined by the specialist team in Franconia, and then completely painlessly, gently and carefully put back together into my old little Nivona.“

Andreas via e-mail

The best coffee machine?

Your next coffee machine from NIVONA

We have the perfect coffee machine for you!

The internet is full of tests and reports on coffee machines, but which coffee machine is really worth it? With so many tests and reports, it’s easy to lose track. Only consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest reports on coffee machines every year. But don’t wait for chance opportunities or test results! With NIVONA, you get exactly the coffee machine that you need: compact, outstanding and easy to use.

You won’t find NIVONA coffee machines on Black Friday: NIVONA is available only from authorised specialist retailers. We invest our advertising budget in our service and in the quality of our coffee machines. In comparisons, our coffee machines score particularly well for cleaning and operation, because we provide the option of individual pleasure – in every price bracket. Every NIVONA coffee machine comes with a set of milk hoses in the welcome pack. In addition, each of our coffee machines has a milk frother, in case you ever want cappuccino.

On our website you will find a comparison chart for our coffee machines. This provides an answer to the question: what is the best coffee machine at the moment? Simply have a look at the NIVONA range, compare, and don’t forget: with a coffee machine, it also makes a difference which coffee beans you use. Only by pouring quality into the bean hopper can you achieve quality in the cup. In addition, our coffee machines work as quietly as possible with a high-quality grinder. What is more: they come with everything you need for very easy use and cleaning, whether for the milk frother, the milk hoses or the coffee machine itself. Our customers are our best ambassadors, recommending our coffee machines to their family and friends. What you get is a unique cappuccino, latte macchiato, café crème or espresso – simply the best cappuccino exactly to your taste, from a coffee machine.

Can you still find coffee machines in tests though? Of course! We regularly take part in independent tests and score very well in them. And NIVONA is not only something for your own kitchen: with a compact size, it also works well in the office. And if you need more coffee in the office: our NICR 1040 offers the right coffee machine for the office, taking care of all the demands there. And it works very quietly.

The milk system in our coffee machines always ensures creamy milk froth. The milk frothers on all models are easy to clean, and some NIVONA coffee machines also have a milk container. In addition, there is an extensive range of accessories with milk hoses, descalers, cleaners, a milk lance and other equipment for your coffee machine from NIVONA.