NIVONA coffee machine

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Caffé Arezzo NIA 999 1 kg pack; Arabica blend
Our Arezzo coffee is characterised by its caramel note and mild taste. Particularly pleasant thanks to its velvety-soft body, this bean is ideal for cappuccino and coffee. Mild, balanced, soft
NIM 1000 Caffé Milano espresso beans 1kg, packing unit: 12 packs/box
This balanced espresso bean is a mild blend and all-rounder at the same time. Specially developed for fully automatic machines, it unfolds its harmonious, round aroma as an espresso, cappuccino or long coffee. Harmonious, aromatic, creamy
NIT 1000 Caffé Torino espresso beans 1kg, packing unit: 12 packs/box
Intense and with little acidity: Our Torino coffee is the insider's tip for espresso connoisseurs. The taste is reminiscent of nuts and dark chocolate. Long-lasting aftertaste and a pleasure in every cup. Strong, spicy, chocolaty
NIVONA CoffeeBag NIBG 749
The NIVONA CoffeeBag contains 250 grams of each of the three NIVONA coffee varieties CAFFÈ AREZZO, ESPRESSO MILANO and ESPRESSO TORINO. Ideal as a gift, a tasting pack or to enjoy yourself.

Which coffee beans are the best for machines?

There are many coffee bean tests available on the internet, but who should you trust? Ultimately, what counts is not a test but rather your own taste in coffee beans. That is why three different types of coffee bean from NIVONA are available directly from the specialist retailer – developed and roasted especially for machines, but suitable for all other preparation methods. All the beans have undergone various tests with us and our roaster, so top quality is guaranteed: for good coffee beans, for machines.

Caffè Arezzo gives you a round blend of Arabica beans. The mild, balanced flavour is evocative of caramel. These are the best coffee beans for anyone who appreciates a rounded full body.

Espresso Milano is the classic of NIVONA coffee beans. The blend of Arabica and Robusta tastes good to any coffee drinker – whether for espresso, cappuccino or simply café crème. Developed and tested together with our roaster, Espressone in Cadolzburg, the Espresso Milano has been in the NIVONA range for many years.

Espresso Torino is our best bean for all espresso lovers: the flavour is evocative of chocolate and nuts, and the powerful, spicy aromas ensure a unique experience in every cup – an offer that no espresso lover can refuse.

And if you can’t decide: our NIVONA CoffeeBag gives you the full range of our best coffee beans, each in a 250-gram bag to test, try and enjoy.

Incidentally: the best coffee beans also need the best storage. Coffee beans should never be kept in the fridge. Find out about the different storage options for coffee, from your roasting house or from your local NIVONA specialist retailer. Only with careful storage can you ensure long-lasting coffee pleasure.

How can you identify good coffee beans for yourself? Look at the roast. The coffee beans should include only a few broken beans. There should also be no stones or twigs between the beans. These can actually damage the machine grinder.

Good coffee beans also come at a price. Pop in to your roasting house or your local NIVONA specialist retailer and find out about growing conditions and the quality of the coffee beans. Try various blends to find your own taste. The flavour technology from NIVONA can also help you here, so that you get the best out of the bean.