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NIVONA's customer and repair service has one objective: your long-lasting pleasure and satisfaction with your NIVONA machine.

Do you have questions about your appliance?

Do you need help servicing it?

Or do you have a technical problem?

You will find all the answers here. As the owner of a NIVONA machine you can turn to our central service department for all queries. Here you will receive support for all questions to do with your machine, or contact with an accredited service point:

Please click on your country to contact your national service department or contact service(at)nivona.com.

You'll find the terms of guarantee for our 8 series, 7 series and 6 series right here.

You'll find the terms of guarantee for our CafeRomatica 1030 right here.

Your NIVONA dealer will also be able to answer all your questions.

Please pay attention to our tips and suggestions in the manual and the answers to frequently asked questions.