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Where the great coffee comes from

Like wine, chocolate and tea, coffee is a product of nature. There are basic characteristics that differ in flavour and amount of caffeine, depending on soil condition, climate and roasting procedure. The longer the coffee beans have time to mature ( 8 to 10 month), the more complex and excellent the aroma can become. Up to 1000 different marks can be identified in coffee.

Coffee plants are very sensitive, therefore they need a balanced climate. Perfect is the so called coffee belt: approximately between 23° north and 25° south. The main countries in which coffee is cultivated are in Africa, south and central America and Asia. 99% of all harvested coffee is either Arabica or Robusta. Arabica beans grow at an altitude of 600 up to 2100 m. Robusta beans also grow at a lower altitude of under 800 m. Coffee grows on small trees or bushes that can become 12 to 15 meters high. The fruits of the coffee trees or shrubs look like cherries and are named like that. The effect of coffee was actually discovered by accident. The goatherds in the areas saw that the goats not only like the coffee cherries, but after eating them they also did not take their nap but romped around.

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