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Instructions for very good milk froth

Milk froth is a fundamental part of out today coffee culture. With all models by NIVONA you can create fluffy and delicious milk froth. The secret behind the great milk froth lies in the technique behind the Spumatore and the OneTouch Spumatore (single and duo). With this function you can create a creamy and perfect milk froth - single or double and also with just one touch. Best with fresh milk out of the stainless steel thermo milk container.

Why is milk getting frothy?

Milk froth consists of many little air bubbles that stick to the protein molecules of the milk. Through the hot steam a grid of air, protein, fat and sugar occurs. The more fine the grid the more smooth the milk froth. By adding heat and air to the milk, the lactose is partly transformed into simple sugar. That is why the milk froth tastes sweetish.

Use only cold (8°C) and fresh milk. Both of the NIVONA milk containers (0,5 l and 0,9 l) are ideal for that. After use, the NIVONA milk containers can easily be but in the fridge.

New in our CafeRomatica 1030: the cappuccino-connoisseur. With this option you have the variety of a barista on your hand. Depending on taste and preferences you have 3 ways to make a cappuccino

1. first coffee then milk(froth)
2. first milk(froth) then coffee
3. coffee and milk(froth) at the same time