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Our Aroma Balance System brings you the »Barista in a box«

At NIVONA, we are a dedicated team of coffee lovers, creative minds and engineers. Our aim: We want to build coffee machines with which you can prepare delicious coffee specialities, as if they were made by a barista.

With the unique Aroma Balance System we have already come very close to this ideal;
which is why we called it “Barista in a box”. At the push of a button, you will be able to unlock a variety of flavour nuances and more aroma from every type of coffee. Coffee
Culture - made in Germany.

The decisive factor is the pumping pressure of 15 bars and the flow rate of the water through the brewing chamber. This allows other and more natural ingredients to be dissolved from the fresh coffee powder.

In these machines of the series 10, 8, 7 and 6, "Barista in a box" is already available.

With our Café Milano and the setting “Café Crème” (for example with the NICR 788), the following three taste profiles are created.

Dynamic: Finely acidic, lightly fruity and pleasant in taste

Constant: A bittersweet note with tangy and full flavour

Intense: Powerful. tangy, with a lot of body and clear bitter notes.

You'll taste the difference!