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Delicate nuances: 3 profiles per coffee sort

You can probably imagine that you can't gain fantastic espresso and coffee with every sort of coffee bean. But with high-quality beans and roasting your NIVONA machine takes good care of the rest and ensures a great result.

Set the 3 aroma profiles, one after the other and try and compare the coffee. Depending on the type of coffee (Arabica or Robusta) and roasting (Light/medium/dark) you'll get a large variety of wonderful flavour options.

The taste is always different. By choosing either dynamic, constant or intense the flavour of your coffee can be slightly sour to fruity to slightly medium or distinctly bitter - always depending on the type of coffee and roasting.

The Aroma Balance System imitates the skill of a barista. It varies in pressure, throughput speed and duration of the hot water in the freshly ground coffee. In elaborate tests we developed 3 profiles, so that you can reach a variety of tastes and aromas with just one sort of coffee beans.

The 3 aroma profiles dynamic, constant and intense are included in the CafeRomatica 1030 and the models 788, 778 and 768 of the 7 series. They differ in the stages during the brewing process. That way you get many different tastes and flavours such as fruity and slightly acidic over nutty up to mildly and clearly bitter.