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NIVONA coffee: It all comes down to the bean

Experience unique enjoyment now with the three varieties.

Espresso Milano

Harmonious, aromatic, creamy: This balanced espresso bean is a fairly mild blend and an all-rounder. Specially produced for fully automatic coffee machines, its full aroma develops harmoniously in espresso, cappuccino and long coffee drinks. 50% Arabica highland beans / 50% Gourmet Robusta

Caffè Bergamo

Mild, harmonious, balanced: This coffee stands out from the crowd thanks to its mild flavour and fine acidity. It is also extremely pleasant and ideally suited for a long coffee drink. 100% Arabica highland beans

Espresso Torino

Powerful, tangy, chocolatey: Intense and low in acidity – our insider tip for “advanced” espresso connoisseurs. With no bitter tones, reminiscent of nuts and dark chocolate and with a long-lasting aftertaste. This espresso is passion. 100% Gourmet Robusta