Design milk container

Without its own cooling system, but perfectly suited for refrigerators and dishwashers: Our NIMC 1000 offers optimal storage for milk in an eyecatching design next to your NIVONA.
•  Stores fresh milk perfectly
•  Made of transparent plastic
•  Shows the milk level at a glance
•  Capacity: 1 litre
•  For SPUMATORE models with cappuccino function

Keep it clean

No more rolling your eyes! At least not while cleaning your NIVONA. Thanks to our cleaning products, you can keep your fully automatic coffee machine clean as a histle. As simple as possible. As thorough as necessary

PREMIUM liquid descaler
Not only dissolves lime, but also binds it. The liquid descaler reliably removes limescale from the fully automatic machine during cleaning.Highly effectiveDescales without residuesGentle on materials and food-safeUse NIVONA CLARIS fresh water filters for your fully automatic coffee machine and reduce the need for descaling.
CLARIS fresh water filter
Your NIVONA even filters your water – thanks to the CLARIS fresh water filter. For optimal water quality and a long service life of your NIVONA. Reduces limeRemoves chlorine smell and taste Filters out contaminants, in particular metals, heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, pesticides and herbicidesPurely organic material without chemical additivesReduces need to descale fully automatic coffee machine
CreamClean milk system cleaner
Creamy, fresh milk foam is only possible if your NIVONA milk foamer is perfectly clean. Use our CreamClean milk foamer cleaner for optimal cleaning.• Effective cleaning• Dissolves and removes grease and protein deposits without residues• Gentle on materials
Cleaning tablets
Ensure full coffee aroma and pure drinking pleasure – by keeping your NIVONA fresh and clean. Our cleaning tablets are simplicity itself.Dissolves and removes coffee and oil residues effectivelyCleans thoroughly and gently
The box for complete cleanliness: With our CLEAN³BOX you get everything you need to clean your NIVONA in one box. Our PREMIUM liquid descaler, the CreamClean milk system cleaner and our cleaning tablets.

It all comes down to the beans

With NIVONA's aroma technology you get the best out of every bean. And in every cappuccino, in every espresso, the pleasurable potential of numerous variations lies dormant. In close cooperation with our roasting plant, we have therefore developed three special blends. Enjoy the full-bodied diversity of coffee and let yourself be taken on a journey of the senses.

ESPRESSO MILANO (50% Arabica/50% Gourmet Robusta)
Die ausgewogene Espressobohne ist milde Mischung Allrounder zugleich. Speziell für den Vollautomaten entwickelt, entfaltet sie ihr harmonisch-rundes Aroma als Espresso, Cappuccino oder langer Kaffee.Harmonisch, aromatisch, cremig. In der praktischen Kilo-Verpackung.
CAFFÈ AREZZO (100% Hochland Arabica)
Dieser Kaffee zeichnet sich durch seine Karamell-Note und seinen milden Geschmack aus. Besonders angenehm dank samtig-weichem Körper eignet sich diese Bohne optimal für Cappuccino und Kaffee.Mild, ausgewogen, weich. In der praktischen Kilo-Verpackung.
ESPRESSO TORINO (100 % Gourmet Robusta)
Intense and low in acidity: Our insider tip for espresso connoisseurs. With a taste reminiscent of nuts and dark chocolate. Long-lasting aftertaste and pleasure in every cup. Strong, tangy, chocolatey

Don't forget about the beans and the milk

It's all a question of extras: with our original accessories for milk and coffee beans, you are perfectly equipped. And so you can get even more out of your coffee moment. Whether cooling, storage or simply spare parts. Here you'll find things you didn't even know you were missing for your cappuccino.

Additional bean container
Extends the bean container of our 1030 and 1040 models to a capacity of 1000 g. Very easy to install.• Container height: 4 cm• Lid still closes perfectly
Design milk container
Without its own cooling system, but perfectly suited for refrigerators and dishwashers: Our NIMC 1000 offers optimal storage for milk in an eyecatching design next to your NIVONA.•  Stores fresh milk perfectly•  Made of transparent plastic•  Shows the milk level at a glance•  Capacity: 1 litre•  For SPUMATORE models with cappuccino function
Milk tube (Pack of 3)
Clean milk tube for optimal milk foam, in a practical pack of 3. So you always have a spare milk tube at hand. After all, this is the only way to make great cappuccino and latte macchiato.
Cooler NICO 100
Optimal cooling whatever the temperature. Our NICO 100 ensures that the milk for cappuccinos and other milky coffee beverages stays fresh. Fits all series 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 fully automatic coffee machines. Especially practical where people drink lots of cappuccino. Simply put the milk carton in and everything’s cool. • 15 x 31.5 x 27 cm / (W x H x D), 2.6 kg • 230 V / 50 Hz / 23 W • Refrigerates commercially packed milk (1 l) • Cooling capacity: Up to 20°C, below room temperature and up to max. 2°C
CafeGrano coffee grinder NICG 130
Roasts of a superior calibre deserve to be ground properly. Whether for small espresso machines or for brewing coffee by hand: CafeGrano finds the right setting and gets the best out of the bean – not only for fully automatic coffee machines, but also for other types of preparation. This grinder allows you to produce delicious freshly ground coffee. • Multi-level grinding setting • Grinding that conserves the aroma • High-quality hardened conical grinder
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