Sustainable world of coffee

Partnership and relationship

We stand for a close and cooperative relationship with our dealers. Loyalty to specialist dealers is an important concern for us, because it illustrates the mutual appreciation. Only through this proximity is it possible to understand the developments and needs of the market and users and to develop our machines from this perspective. This is why we deliberately afford our own field service, which is on site with the dealers and is in direct contact with them. A serious and lasting relationship. This is how we at NIVONA think and develop from the perspective of the users and their needs. For the best fully automatic machines of today and tomorrow.

For you: close, direct, sustainable.

We are not only close to the retail trade, but also always there for you and your NIVONA. Because we are convinced that a fully automatic machine deserves a long life. A long and sustainable relationship. That is why every maintenance and repair is worthwhile. Short distances go without saying, because we carry out repairs and maintenance directly at our premises in Nuremberg. No NIVONA flies around the world unnecessarily. For us, sustainability does not only mean that we keep your NIVONA alive for a long time. No. For us, sustainability also means that we value long-term and honest relationships - with you, our partners and above all our employees.

New standards for coffee enjoyment

Speaking of "coffee and sustainability": what once were spices is now coffee. It is considered one of the most important trading goods. Every year, around 150 million sacks of green coffee are harvested and a large part of it is exported. 70% of the coffee ends up in consumer countries such as the Federal Republic of Germany.

A rethink in the industry was unthinkable for a long time. Nevertheless, social trends have led to mindfulness playing an increasingly important role. Especially in consumption. Accordingly, many links in the coffee value chain now also pursue social and ecological goals.

Conscious Coffee

Responsibility for people, environment and regions. All this is contained in the term Conscious Coffee. It is about supporting small farmers in poor areas, conserving resources and dealing with them sustainably, and paying attention to people's working conditions. As with any other food, it is important to consume consciously and to appreciate the value of the product. We would also like to give back the positive effect coffee has on us to those who make it possible for us.

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