Aroma Technology

Coffee like no other fully automatic machine can make

Tastes are different and there is no doubt about taste. That's why your NIVONA doesn't make just any coffee, but your coffee. Thanks to our aroma technology.

Aroma from the app

Which technical device is more individually tailored to you than your smartphone? That's exactly why our smartphone app allows you to use every recipe on your NIVONA (currently exclusive for the 970 and 960 models) to perfectly match your NIVONA coffee. Just like the barista recommends.

Our Cappuccino Connaisseur and
the Barista in a Box

Not all coffees are the same. So far nothing new. But do you actually know what is important for a good cappuccino? Do you know how many flavours are in a bean? So many influences and variables for your favourite drink, which we like to have always in the same quality. We have something for you!

Coffee as individual as you are.

Cappucino Connaisseur

For a really good cappuccino, the milk has to wrap around the coffee, not to say "enmesh" it. That's why the barista first puts the coffee in the cup and then the milk. This is no problem for the barista with the sieve carrier machine. For fully automatic machines, however, it is a great challenge. But your NIVONA can do it. With the built-in Cappuccino Connaisseur you can determine the order of coffee and milk from the 8-series upwards and thus decide on the right cappuccino.

The Barista in a Box

No, we do not supply a human barista. In order to meet our responsibility in the area of working conditions, we have developed our Aroma Balance System to do the job. There are up to 800 different aromas in one coffee bean. The differences can only be perceived if the brewing process is specifically varied. With the Aroma Balance System, you decide for yourself which notes you want to tickle from the bean. With the dynamic setting, you decide on a fine acidity with a slightly fruity note. Constant gives you a darker note with a spicy, full-bodied taste. Intense lives up to its name: strong, spicy coffee with a pronounced body and a bitter note.

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