My perfect bean

Which bean suits me best: Arabica or Robusta?

In the world of coffee these two terms are often heard. Arabica and Robusta: these are the beans that you come across most often in the retail trade in Germany. Which is the right one for me? Or is bean equal to bean? We decidedly say: no.

Arabica - the fine classic

The Arabica bean is characterised by an elongated bean shape and has a characteristic S-shaped slit. In taste, the Arabica is rather mild with a soft and round flavour. They often have a fine fruity note and a slightly lower caffeine content compared to Robusta.

Well known growing areas are Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. The plant requires a special terrain and is therefore mostly cultivated at an altitude of over 900 metres.

Robusta - the bean with potential

In contrast to the Arabica bean, the Robusta is smaller and more rounded. It is very brown in colour and has a straight and mostly open slit. Its taste is rather chocolaty with a full round body. Its higher caffeine content makes it the perfect morning wake-up drink.


The bean comes mainly from Vietnam, India and Indonesia. As the name suggests, it is more resistant and easier to care for than the Arabica.

Selected and roasted carefully 

No matter how good an automatic coffee machine is, if the bean doesn't fit, neither cappuccino nor espresso will taste good. We are always in close contact with our roasters and so we have developed three special blends. So you can enjoy the full-bodied variety from the world of coffee. Come with us on a journey of the senses.

It all comes down to the beans

A good bean deserves a high-quality treatment. We have developed the perfect accessories for this. With our CafeGrano you can grind your beans perfectly. Whether for the espresso maker or for hand brewing the coffee. Freshly ground and with a full flavour. With the additional container you can also brew even more delicious coffee without refilling your fully automatic coffee maker.

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