Coffee & culture

The perfect bean

The most important thing about a good coffee is the bean - selection, blending and processing. Without high-quality beans, even the best fully automatic coffee machine is powerless. Let us take you on a journey of the senses.

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NIVONA Aroma Technology

Every coffee is different. Just like every coffee drinker. With your NIVONA you don't just make any coffee. You make your coffee. Thanks to our unique aroma technology. No hocus-pocus, but years of experience and exchange with the most competent partners.

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Coffee hacks from the barista

Your coffee becomes a pleasure. Like from the barista. Only without a beard. We give you an insight into the latest trends, tips and tricks of the baristas. How does milk get particularly frothy? How does the créma become perfect? Which water is best for my coffee? And what does this grind actually do? 

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Coffee is a valuable commodity - a valuable world. To ensure that this remains so, we stand for sustainable and conscious handling - ecologically, economically and socially. We play our part in making fully automatic coffee machines a long-term partner in your life. 

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