Nobody needed NIVONA. And yet we are still here. Why?

Because we are different from the competition. But not only. We are the likeable alternative. We are open. Friendly. Enthusiastic about coffee.
About a special business model in hectic times. 

"According to some predictions, we could have closed right away on the first day," says Peter Wildner. And the 54-year-old must know. He is not only the current managing director of NIVONA, but was also one of the founders of the brand. The stated goal: to be a specialist for fully automatic coffee machines for the specialist trade. 

"You can say: Our plan worked"

Die Gegenwart könnte kaum besser aussehen: Auf knapp 2000 Quadratmetern arbeiten im Nürnberger Südwestpark zurzeit mehr als 50 Mitarbeiter – und dazu kommen noch einmal 14 Kollegen im Außendienst hinzu. NIVONA sperrt also in absehbarer Zeit so bald niemand zu. Was auch am eigenen Anspruch liegt. 

The skills of a very good barista cannot replace a fully automatic coffee machine. But to have the knowledge of a very good barista in you. That's why we work closely with coffee experts during development, getting additional feedback from the scene. And this is how, for example, our Aroma Balance System came about.

"Our fully automatic machines should make the best coffee as simply as possible," says Managing Director Peter Wildner. That is an integral part of our philosophy.

Not only the purchase of cappuccino and co. from the fully automatic machines should be uncomplicated. Cleaning the fully automatic machines should also be self-explanatory. In addition, every customer can remove the brewing unit from his NIVONA and clean it himself. We also want to keep the paths and processes as simple as possible. Despite a structure with very different dealers and very different requirements.

"A cup of coffee is still the best argument for a NIVONA fully automatic coffee machine"

From the very beginning, NIVONA has seen itself as a brand for the specialised trade. Both roasters and electrical retailers offer our fully automatic machines. "We want to sell where people know about coffee."  

More than 2500 dealers now trust us. Because our fully automatic coffee machines convince, because our concept is convincing. Because NIVONA is popular. After 15 years, we have established ourselves as a pleasant alternative. Because we focus on the essentials: coffee enjoyment in the best possible quality. 

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